Interglobo’s Project Division is a well-established reality in the world of transport, in constant and continuous evolution, capable of responding daily to the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele.
The energy and passion, the complete reliability, the coherence in carrying out each task and the absolute transparency of the services have determined over time the awareness on the part of the Customers of a safe, certain and professional choice, deciding to entrust their projects to a competent and extremely qualified partner in every type of transport.

This is because each Interglobo Project service is customized for each individual contract, to thus satisfy any type of complex task that the project may foresee.

From studies relating to the foundation, erection and support for any construction need, through a complete logistical solution during the laying of the foundations, construction or supply of plant parts, from the in-depth and careful survey and analysis of the transport route, through detailed planning that every successful project requires, to the preparation of the warehouse phases, through a wide range of locations each suitable for a specific purpose, to the specialization in the logistics of air, sea and land shipments of dangerous goods and overweight and oversized goods, Interglobo Project offers an integrated approach through consultancy, planning, preparation and execution capabilities in the hands of its experts, to ensure that its Clients’ needs are met wherever needed across the world.

An example is the recent shipment of Interstadio rings between Belgium and French Guiana.

Interglobo’s Project Division has received, on behalf of an important customer operating in the aerospace industry, the task of 12 complete shipments of the Interstage element of the VEGA carrier.

This series of shipments, scheduled by the team every two months, cover the logistical and operational needs for the 2023/2024 period.

The Interstadio element, with a diameter of approximately 4.5 m, is a high-tech product that requires particular care and experience in the field of related movements and its size fully falls within the specialization of Interglobo Project with reference to overweight and overweight goods. measure.

Each of the elements is assembled in Belgium and the related components originate in various European countries.

The Division, after a careful evaluation of the extent and peculiarities of the transport, draws up the specific project for the shipment and considers the need to implement both ordinary and exceptional road transport, which, considering the size, volume and the weight of the material, require the use of special vehicles and the processing of the procedures for issuing the required transit and escort authorisations, with a specifically dedicated study aimed at the lashing/unlashing and anchoring operations of the goods to be transported.

The transport route therefore starts from Belgium and via Le Havre/Rotterdam arrives at its destination in French Guiana, in Kourou, via the port of Degrad des Cannes.

During shipping, the material travels stowed inside a special, specially created container, packed with a barrier bag and prepared for shipments by sea, by road and for long-term storage.

The dedicated container is transported on a flatbed truck to the port of Le Havre / Rotterdam and from there it is transshipped and set up on a CNRT flat rack, to be embarked towards Degrad des Cannes, with a direct service.
At the same time, Interglobo Project takes care of all the necessary transit permits as well as authorisations, related services and the assumption of tasks necessary for the complete carrying out of the transport, both from an import and export point of view.

Furthermore, the special container is equipped with active sensors that allow the detection, for the entire duration and for all phases of transport, of any accelerations beyond the expected tolerances and any type of anomaly that may occur.
The data recorded by the sensors are simultaneously downloaded to the system and become available to the Customer, who can thus carry out the necessary checks.
The monitoring and continuous examination of transport represent one of the flagships of the services offered by the Interglobo Project Division, which involves the Customer with correctness, transparency and reliability throughout the entire planned journey.

Once at the port of destination, the modes of transport are reversed, in order to allow final delivery at the Kourou space range.

Once empty, the container is returned to Belgium.

The necessary preparation phases, the movements to be carried out and the individual transport steps are followed by Interglobo Project with the utmost care and attention: in fact, it is the logistics consultancy and the constant work of highly experienced staff that distinguish this Division in the transport market. competition. IT, laying the foundations and reporting are the characteristics that guide a specialized team, capable of using creativity and skills that derive from long experience in the field.
In fact, as in the example given, everything that is heavy and out of size deserves particular attention and specific knowledge and the project implemented must always look beyond simple boundaries and always seek potential for continuous improvement.
Over time, this allows for the construction of added value that is increasingly appreciated by Customers and Stakeholders.


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