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Rely on us

to move your freight worldwide



Rely on us

to move your freight worldwide




Interglobo has developed a very skilled expertise in commodities such as paper, packaging and forestry industries over the decades. One of the key added value that has been developed over the years is the overweight program that allows customers to ship more tonnage per container and therefore save on freight. This program is put together with distribution center where transloading and cross docking takes place.

Skilled teams are spread in key global areas where producers, distributors and brokers of such commodities operate.


Being Italian Interglobo has always been heavily involved in the transportation and storage of foodstuff, supporting one of the most representative and iconic products of our country.

Dry, canned, fresh, frozen and whether your plant is located in Asia, Europe, South or North America Interglobo can offer the right set of tools to handle the transportation and storage of food products all around the globe.


Interglobo prides itself on offering the most extensive solutions for the transportation of ceramics and marble: from FCL to groupage loads to over-weight freight handled with owned and operated trucks and superlight chassis, or trans-load at our dedicated warehouses. Our staff has developed the highest knowledge and is able to assist customers in finding the best transportation option.

This is one of our main focus markets and we maintain the closest relationships with manufacturers throughout our extensive network in Europe, Asia, South America and North America.


Mass production or one of a kind, retail or projects Interglobo can support you in the transportation and delivery of furniture. The constant presence at major trade show for furniture in High Point, Las Vegas, Milan and Shanghai for almost 30 years makes Interglobo one of the most knowledgeable freight forwarders for Furniture.

We know the “last mile” is a key aspect for this commodity and we support our customers with our fleet of owned truck and chassis to grant a timely delivery and all the free time needed.


This commodity originates for the most part in Asia and serves the two biggest markets that are Europe and North America. Interglobo has a strong presence in all three markets having built relationships with producers at factories and distributors and buyers at destination.

The toy industry is a growing industry and Interglobo’s staff have been attending worldwide trade shows for decades.


In the past 20 Years, Interglobo has built a dedicated Wine & Spirits division, thanks to the extensive knowledge gained by a specialized team that has been operating in this market sector for decades. This team of experts involved in this niche business ensures that shipments are handled in the most efficient manner.The requirements in this area are unique, from maintaining optimum temperature for products, to loading a consolidation that may involve dozens of wineries, to offering a customized assistance in the handling of full and consolidated containers.

A network of dedicated warehouses located in strategic areas offer temperature controlled storage and pick-ups. As far as regulations, Interglobo is fully certified to handle any spirit or food products in the areas in which it operates.


Interglobo serves important players in the steel and metal industries on a global scale. Over the years a staff of experts have built a specialization in shipping steel coils and pipes, through a detailed assistance for shippers at origin countries during the loading with lashing procedures to avoid cargo to be damaged and ensure safe cargo unloading at destination.

Such strict internal procedures are key towards being successful in handling such commodities.


Interglobo has built an expertise in chemical goods for both: dangerous and non-dangerous services. The option of shipping by air and sea, originating from Europe or Asia to be delivered globally.

Interglobo can coordinate supplier documentation with the carriers’ requirements, in order to speed up the approval and get the chemical freight moving fast and be delivered efficiently and on time.


Interglobo’s fashion and apparel division is growing rapidly, representing fashion labels and boutique sellers alike.  A group of skilled staff ship and deliver worldwide to: retailers, company-owned stores and consumers.  Additional services offer reverse logistics, processing the returns for items which due to seasonality and style may move in and out of our warehouse multiple times.

An additional expertise grown during the years deals with the shipments of furniture for new openings and restyling of stores for fashion brands who need particular care and attention to such projects.


The network of global offices provides machinery shipping services: transporting large and heavy construction plants.

Interglobo manages to ship any machinery to any global destination with the use of special equipment containers such as open top or flat racks: balancing the weights and lash properly the cargo on/inside such equipment, to ensure a safe and efficient delivery.


Throughout the years Interglobo has come to be one of the major providers for the transportation of fresh produce, mainly from Italy and South America to the rest of the world.

The knowledge of cold treatment procedures and special documentation and the care for your shipments of perishable products of from our dedicated staff grants to customers the finest service that the transportation market can offer.


Interglobo with its global reach and supply chain solutions can help optimize the day to day operations, reduce stock levels and improve costs.

Our new and improved online platform gives full and complete visibility to all your products from the order creation to its delivery.

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