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Interglobo is an established Italian, family-owned, international freight and logistics company. The company has developed a global network of offices that operate on five continents. It serves a variety of Focus Markets and has grown with its customers, developing expertise in highly tailored services offerings.

With a culturally diverse network and focus on technological advances, Interglobo integrates local know-how and its innovative technologies to optimize its operational efficiency and provide a seamless customer experience. Technological advancements have always been a primary focus of Interglobo’s path of growth and will always be of fundamental importance to improving efficiency in operations and our customers’ experience.

Interglobo can nowadays count on a vast network of owned and operated offices in: Italy, United States, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Canada, and Spain. It has also established a worldwide network of professional partners and exclusive agents in all other major countries.



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