Coinciding with Interglobo’s fifth year of operation in Spain, where it has a delegation in Valencia, the company has launched its new airfreight department.

This new service has been included among the objectives of Interglobo’s internal strategy for 2020, in particular that of developing and promoting world air traffic.

However, a slowdown has occurred due to the Covid-19 epidemic and despite the fact that in 2020 the staff had already obtained the relevant qualifications, only at the end of 2021 the definitive accreditation as IATA cargo agents was finally completed. Interglobo Forwarders Spain is the second branch of the group, behind the Milan office, to obtain it.

In the scenario like the current one, with such a stressed logistics and supply chain, the intention of Interglobo, all over the world, is to offer a wider range of solutions to customers, while maintaining the quality standard and a personalized attention service.

In this sense, Interglobo Forwarders Spain has incorporated skilled professionals with recognized industry experience to develop this product, which in turn can lead to new business lines.

The initiative is supported by the growing demand over the years from customers, agents and collaborators of international network of Interglobo and is part of the global policy of the Group.

A new step forward for a group always focused on innovation and growth, all over the world.

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