As of March 1st, INTERGLOBO LOGISTICS is open in the Houston area, within a few miles from Bayport and Barbours Cut terminals.

Houston is the fourth port by volume in the USA, the first in the south of the USA and is the main hub of arrival for trans-loading of heavy and light cargo destined for South-West, Mid-West and part of the South-east.

It is for this reason that, in the Interglobo Logistics expansion project in the US, Houston is a natural outlet, beyond the first and second ports by volume: Los Angeles and New York.

Indeed the port of Houston, from 2015 to 2020, developed a consistent 50% growth of containers.

In this new area, special project cargo, building materials, food and wine & beverage are only few of the vast array of industries and commodities that the Interglobo Warehouse provides services for.

Structure and services of the new Interglobo Warehouse in Houston:

Interglobo Logistics in Houston has a 70,000 SQFT facility with 18 docks, just 8 miles from the port and therefore perfect for transloading.

Starting Monday March 7th Interglobo Logistics is fully operatives also with the trucking division.

Interglobo Logistics in Houston is be able haul up to 59-60,000 lbs. of cargo weight on a 20B and up to 55-56,000 lbs. on a 40B.
The plan is to offer an overweight service with direct deliveries within a 30 miles radius from the port of Houston and transloading/weight reduction for whoever has a warehouse over 30 miles.

A new goal and new opportunities for Interglobo Logistics and the world of Interglobo Group.

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