Another goal achieved for Interglobo Group.

Interglobo Forwarders Spain, S.L. was recently awarded as the leader company in the Comunidad Valenciana in the international forwarding industry.
The recognition is due to the growth in the sector and to the Integral Logistics Service.

The opening of Interglobo Spain, in 2017, had a dual objective: first, to take care of the company’s consolidated maritime traffic with the United States and then to develop the Latin American market, given the obvious synergies and cultural and commercial relations of Spain with these destinations.

To achieve these objectives, a team of nine people with proven experience and presence in these markets was set up, establishing the headquarters in Spain in the city of Valencia.

Since its inception, Interglobo Forwarders Spain has always been faithful to its philosophy, based on the fundamental principles of professionalism, integrity and team spirit, with a strong focus on respect for suppliers, commitment to the environment and personalized attention to the client.

In fact, Interglobo continues to consider the human factor as the most important element when it comes to serving customers. And it is also what makes the difference in an increasingly digitalized and depersonalized world, especially after the turning point that has taken place in recent years in the way of living and working, both globally and nationally.

Today the reality of Interglobo Spain is made up of an involved, cohesive staff, with people with more than 15 years of experience and other younger ones who, in these almost six years of life, have joined together, assimilating the company’s values and fully integrating into it.

Last year, coinciding with the fifth anniversary, the Air Department was launched, after having obtained the IATA Agent Certification and having joined the team four professionals motivated by the same philosophy and dedication: today Interglobo Spain is the second office of the Group in the world by volume of kilograms handled.

The new department has not only been very well received, but it has also made it possible to strengthen and develop other synergies and markets, such as Asia, India, Turkey or Africa. This is well engaged with the Global Group expansion since, by the end of last year, in addition to the already existing offices in Asia, the United States, Canada and LATAM, Interglobo Group opened own office in Turkey and, shortly, they will also launch in India.

Furthermore, Interglobo Spain is increasing its presence in the food industry, including refrigerated products and wines, thus supporting the Global strategy of these business lines.
In this process of growth and diversification, an Import Department has been set up at the beginning of the year, with the inclusion of professionals specialized in the industry.

The goal, today, is to continue the work, to consolidate and develop products and markets and, based on the results, explore new paths and opportunities to achieve always new horizons.

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